Hafa Adai!

On behalf of our Hafa Adai Golf ‘Classic’ (HAGC) Board of Directors (BOD), we have made the unfortunate decision to cancel our 39th HAGC Tournament scheduled for April 28th, 29th 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic. We are mindful and regret any   inconvenience the cancellation may have caused for our participants. 

Due to unforeseen forecast of the pandemic and its aftermath, we have rescheduled our 39th HAGC to June 29, 30, 2022. Our Chamorro Golf Club WA State (CGCWS) will host the tournament in Washington. Looking ahead, the 40th HAGC is scheduled to be in Las Vegas, April 27, 28, 2023 hosted by Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club (GLVGC). 

We appreciate and commend GLVGC for their excellent planning and coordination to host our revered Classic. We can imagine their tireless effort and disappointment of not conducting the tournament. We can also imagine the disappointment of our members, families, friends, acquaintances, and guests for missing another great opportunity to come together and have fun at our Classic. We thank President Roland Taitano and the Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club (GLVGC) for their excellent work in preparation for hosting our Classic tournament. And we look forward to coming back in 2023. 

We congratulate the CGCWS for graciously accepting the honor of hosting our Classic in 2022. We are all excited to be coming back to the great Northwest with its excellent and challenging golf courses and attractions. 

Despite the pandemic setback, Our HAGC is united and strong in spirit. Our excellent BOD leaders, Clubs, and members are dedicated, united, and strong. The spirit of the HAGC will endure, overcome challenges, and persevere. The pandemic will pass and we will graciously return to our annual Classic tradition in time.  

Si Yu’us Ma’ase’ 

Roy Leon-Guerrero